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Irish Moss

Irish Moss is an edible seaweed (Chondrus crispus) that yields a mucilaginous substance used medicinally and in preparing jellies. It was used by the Irish during the famine of the 19th century. The principal constituent of Irish moss is a mucilaginous body, of which it contains about 55%; and with that it has nearly 10 % of albuminoids and about 15% of mineral matter rich in iodine, calcium, sodium and sulphur. It contains 15 of the 18 elements making up the human body. It contains Vitamins A,D,E,F and K. as well as phosphorus and potassium.

Irish moss is used in bulk by the food industry to make jellies or aspic and as a smooth binder. It finds a use in cosmetics as a skin softener. And it nourishes and protects skin from environmental is an antitissuive, an alterative, effective against halitosis, the formation varicose veins, inflammation, against dysentery and Irish moss has been applied as an emollient. It also protect from fat, hypertension & arteriosclerosis.

Irish Moss , when mixed to body lotions, turns dry, rough, patchy skin into smooth, silky, hydrated, glowing skin . It moisturizes and treats even the most unmanageable skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, rashes and sunburns.

Supports skin’s natural moisture barrier-keeps harmful, drying external elements out and beneficial moisture in. Enhances skin’s ability to retain vital moisture and essential lipids. Helps support healthy skin appearance.

Smoothes rough skin areas all over the body. It has been used to treat peptic and duodenal ulcers when used as a gelatinous substance and to inhibit arteriosclerosis. Other ailments Irish moss is reported to be effective against, cancer and radiation poisoning (possibly because of the iodine content of Irish moss), it protects from obesity and cholesterol build up. Irish moss has a well documented anticoagulant effect on the blood, and clears up many bladder complaints. Irish Moss gives excellent sources of calcium, magnesium, sodium and iodine (essential to normal thyroid function).

It is used to increase the metabolic rate and give strengthen connective tissues, including the hair, skin and nails. The potential of irish Moss in reducing gastric secretions and treating peptic and duodenal ulcer as well as guarding against fat and cholesterol buildup is currently under scrutiny. irish Moss widely use as a Remedies For Expectorant, demulcent, anti-inflammatory and urinary problems.

Because of its mucilage content Irish Moss has been known to assist lung and kidney problems.

The Irish Moss used by Nushie’s Natural is rich in Potassium, Iron, Zinc  and Magnesium. See below:

Potassium: 370mg/100g

Calcium: 30mg/100g

Iron: 10mg/100g

Magnesium: 100mg/100g

Zinc: 2mg/100g

Health Giving Benefits of Irish Moss

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