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The premier provider of all natural plant based, dair and gluten based products!


Sandra from Armadale Victoria

Thank you for your wonderful product. My son who is dairy, gluten and sugar intolerant is thoroughly enjoying you fabulous ice creams  (become addicted actually J) and I love your flaxseed crackers (when I can actually get them!).

I look forward in anticipation as your range grows!!

Geraldine, Stylist from Sydney

I just wanted to say it’s so great to see your ice cream in Sydney! and that I finally got to taste one of them,the Tiramisu; incredible!

Tanya from Phillip Island, Victoria

….my kids love it!

SydneyCafes Marketing
Hi Francis,
That was a lovely ice-cream I tried.
At Whole Foods House Woollahra
Nushie’s Natural ice creamery lovers couldn’t wait to tuck in.

From Rebecca

After eyeing off your icecream in Leo’s for awhile, I finally bought a tub of tiramisu flavour to share with my fiance to celebrate 75 more sleeps til our wedding
It was AMAZING!! So much so that I just had to write and both congratulate and thankyou for bringing such a fabulous product onto the market.  I’m a student naturopath and it’s great to find something that not only ticks all the health boxes for special treats but also tastes INCREDIBLE!
Thanks again, can’t wait to try the Green Tea flavour!

From Thea

I think your ice cream is great. I think a cinnamon or a chai-spice flavour would work really well, and so would a honey-flavoured ice-cream with bits of dried figs stirred through.

From Allyce Martins


Firstly let me say thankyou for your beautiful products! I have been a big fan of nushie’s ever since I discovered their vanilla ‘ice cream’ down at my local organic store. I am a raw vegan foodie who is passionate about inventing and discovering new treats to nourish our bodies and your range of products are simply delicious! Keep doing the beautiful things you do!

I was recently at my organic store and had a taste test of your new green tea flavour ice cream and it blew me away – I have converted my non vegan boyfriend with it =)

Whilst there, the lovely gentleman who was promoting the products suggested that if I have any ideas or recipes of how I use nushie’s to email them through so here are my favourite ice cream sundaes!

Hope you guys enjoy them,


From Marilyn


At “About Life”, Bondi Junction, Sydney

20 February 2011. Austrian tourists couldn’t believe how good Nushies Ice Creamery was and had to dig in at once!

From Felicity in Canberra

Hi there!

My name’s Felicity and I’m a Nushie’s icecream NUT – I swear I cannot get enough of this stuff!!  Which was all fine when I was living in Melbourne… now I’ve moved to Canberra and, well, lets just say Nushie’s aint that popular!  To the extent that I dont think its supplied here at all.  NOOOO!!!

I’ve contacted the prevalent health chain in the area (Healthy Life) and they’re not interested in stocking it at the moment, and am getting similar responses from other places as well (used the product request form/talked their ears off etc).  So, was wondering if you could help me out a little cos I swear I’m going to go bananas very very soon if I dont get some Nushies in my gob!!

Thanks so much

Your slightly crazed but ever faithful customer,




From Geogia:

Just a quick note to let you know how much I love your Nushies Natural ice cream! It is amazing. I tasted some in Thomas Dux on the weekend and fell in love. I have since bought 3 tubs! The timing couldn’t be better too, as I have recently been put on a strict gluten free/wholefoods diet by my naturopath. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. Georgia


Hi Nushies team,

Just grabbed the website off the bottom of your delicious nushies strawberry ice confectionary.

We buy it all the time!!

My kids, hubby & I just felt inspired to let you know how much we appreciate your delicious organic, vegan treats!!! Devine!!! Love love love it!

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!


xCymone, Simon, Cleo & Betty

I would just like to give you some customer feedback.
I can hardly believe that your ice creamerys are dairy-free, as they are just like the real thing taste and texture wise.

I found giving up ice-cream to be quite hard, as it was one of my all time favourite indulgences. Unfortunately I was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant and I had to give up all dairy three years ago. I also like to avoid wheat/gluten products. I have tried quite a few vegan type ice creams, but most of them were heavily soy based and really quite disgusting. Or they would be OK at the time of eating, only for a weird artificial aftertaste to develop soon after. Or even worse, they would have a gritty type texture.

I am currently buying your 90ml Ice Creamerys from Thomas Dux NSW. I absolutely love the Strawberry (my favourite so far – I think) and I adore the Vanilla, Tiramisu and Chocolate ones too. They are bowl licking good. Even my cat loves them and will lick the dessert bowls clean, if I haven’t done so first.

The only one we (cat, hubby and me) don’t like is the Royal Green Tea, as the taste reminded us of seaweed!!

I really hope you expand the range. I really miss blueberry ice-cream and butterscotch ice-cream and if you could make alternatives for these, I would be in paradise. (I am guessing trying to make sugar-free butterscotch would be almost impossible)

I also love that they are Australian certified organic, as I worry about GMO in foods.

Before I looked at your website I didn’t realise you also made crackers, granola, nuts & seed products. I look forward to trying them too – hopefully Thomas Dux will also stock them.

And thank you again for a wonderful product.

Kind regards

Name withheld at request of writer.

Amber 5th April 2012


I tried your tiramisu today… ooohh’s and aaahh’s were the only sounds to be heard!  Thank you for creating such a treat…. amazing!


Michael from Pymble NSW  11th July 2012

Good morning,

I love your ice cream. Congratulations on coming up with such an amazing health conscious product of exquisite taste. I’ve got to thank you though for coming out with the dixie cups. It makes it easier to control how much I eat because the 500mL tubs were too easy to finish and impossible to resist. It’s also easier to alternate between flavours without having to store ice cream for extended periods.

I’m really keen on building an addiction to your flaxseed and chia seed crackers as well as the granola. I live in the Sydney metro area so I thought they would have been easy products to find. I’ve gone through a number of the stockists you’ve listed on your website but so far I’ve only been able to track down your ice cream products. Would you know of a particular store that stocks these products?

Kind regards,