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“We Dare Food” Blog Reviews Nushie’s Natural Products

We are very proud at Nushie’s Natural to Publish the following Blog from We Dare Food of our Products:
Nushie’s Natural
>> Sunday, November 13, 2011 – Albert Park, chocolate, dessert, ice cream, melbourne, Product review

Not too long ago, I’ve been lucky enough to be given an opportunity to meet the people behind this amazing company- Nushie’s Natural. A company that produces all-natural products from ice-cream to granolas. Wait. It gets better. All their products are raw. Yup, you heard me right! Every thing’s plant-based & perfect for our vegan, coeliac and lactose intolerant friends.

The family owned company began with an inspiring story which began with Nush’s mother, Carolyn. When battling breast cancer, her interest in whole, natural & unprocessed food began. With this, Nush’s interest in healthy and wholesome developed. It wasn’t long before it became her passion and travelled to New York to work under a leading raw food chef. Fast forward a few years and here I am, talking to Nush about it.

I was intrigued by their non-dairy ice cream. I’ve had my fair share of soy-based ice cream but nothing comes close to the real deal. But Nushie’s Natural ice creams are not soy-based. ‘What?! How is it non-dairy?’ Simple. Coconut milk and cashew nuts!

Well, not as simple as you’d think! Nush spent two years perfecting the ratio between all the ingredients before introducing their first 3 flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry. Then came along Green Tea and Tiramisu.

Honestly, if no one told me that it wasn’t dairy-based, I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t even consider it! I’d call you crazy! The ice cream was creamy and rich – everything a good ice cream should be. Another plus point? It’s sweetened with agave syrup! So, no refined sugar nonsense in this sweet treat!

And one flavour I couldn’t get enought of? Tiramisu. A splash of coffee and a dash of sherry, it was as good as a tiramisu ice cream could get!

You always need a crunch to go with something creamy right? ;)
Hence, the Nushie’s Flaxseed cracker, Chia crackers and Buckwheat granolas!
(A little tip: Sprinkle some granola on the ice cream and you’re good to go!)

Everyday, Nush and her wonderful crew dehydrate these crackers at 45°C and pack ‘em up when they’re ready. These crackers are packed with nutrients & enzymes so, ideal for a little snack or when I’m feeling a little peckish ;)

Currently, their products are only available in Victoria, NSW and Queensland but expansion is definitely on their mind! For more information, do check out their site:

Oh! And now their ice creams are available in a cute 90ml Dixie cup! Perfect for a single serving…

Special thanks to Francis and Nush for letting me visit the place where the magic happens ;)

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